Operator Licence Application / Set-Up

Whether you require help in setting up your initial Operator Licence, or require help in making changes to your existing Operator Licence, we are here to offer help and advice.

We understand the Laws involved with Operator Licensing and understand that this can be rather daunting to some.

Please contact us today to enable us to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing, or for us to complete the whole process on your behalf.

What our Operator Licence Application package includes

  • Confidential consultation with our experienced friendly team.
  • Completion of the Online Application.
  • Creation of public notice for newspaper as required.
  • Liaising with Traffic Commissioner as required.

Which Type of license do you need?

Restricted Operators Licence

The type of license allows the carriage of your own goods, within the United Kingdom and across the European Community.

Typically this type of licence is granted to businesses such as: skip-hire firms, scaffolding company’s, caterers, and shop-fitters, along with firms that deliver their own products directly to clients. Carrying your own horses as part of your business to shows throughout the UK and Europe.

Standard National Operators Licence

This type of licence is acquired by organisations engaged in general and specialised haulage activities, which provide transportation services within the UK. Under current legislation, this type of licence does not confer Community Authorisation, meaning is does not permit the carriage of good for hire and reward throughout the EU.

Transporting horses not owned by you to shows and events within the UK

International Operators Licence With Community Authorisation. 

This type of licence allows the carriage of  goods within the UK and across the European Community, and to operate on a ‘hire and reward’ basis (charging for the transport of goods not owned) throughout Europe.

Typically, this type of licence is sought by organisations engaged in international and inter-modal transport activities across Europe and beyond.

Transporting horses not owned by you to shows and events within the UK and Europe.